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A Pirate's Life For Me
~ Prologue ~
Arthur Kirkland loved silence. He enjoyed slipping into pensive serenity with the sounds of the gentle waves to soothe him. It was times like that when he felt whole – as if the sea was his entire being. I was no matter that he couldn't swim; not many pirates could as it was deemed bad luck, but Arthur Kirkland couldn't care less about that. His place was traversing the waves, not swimming in them.
He lay back in his chair, swinging his feet up to rest on the ornately carved desk in front of him. The desk was cluttered with various knick knacks: striking inkwells with feathered quills, tastefully decorated paperweights, a wax seal bearing his insignia, and countless maps. Each map was painstakingly hand drawn by Arthur's own hand, different coloured inks showed various trade routes, territories and countries, with tiny notes in black ink here and there across the parchment. These accompanied faded brown notations, in distinguishably different hand writing. Some of the
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Mature content
Abduction Chapter 2 :iconincendiopuff:IncendioPuff 10 14
Fourth July Tears Chapter 1
England slowly drifted into consciousness, and he opened his eyes although they felt like sandpaper from lack of sleep. He was curled up and his duvet was a mess, caused by him twisting and turning all night. Sweat covered him, making his pyjamas sticky; however he shivered from his nightmare, trembling uncontrollably. He groaned into his pillow, already feeling the aching hole in his chest coming into effect, like it did this time every year.
You see, it was the 4th of July, otherwise known as Independence Day in America, and it never failed to arrive without countless sleepless nights and the aching loneliness that England always carried with him intensified. England squeezed his eyes shut tightly, allowing himself a moment of weakness. What was worse was that the annual World Conference meeting fell on this day, and by another chance, it was being held in Washington DC. England honestly didn't know how he was going to cope.
Still shaking slightly, he dragged himself out of bed, stra
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Disguised Emotions Chapter One
Ronald sat at his desk staring at the papers in front of him irritably. It was just like Grell to dump a load of work on his desk and then swan off to stalk Sebastian! Sure, he had agreed to help Grell with his paperwork, but he had meant he would help him, seeing as he was so behind, not do it all for him! How was he meant to write a report from scratch on work he hadn't even done? He sighed and pushed the mountain of paperwork away, rubbing his eyes as he wearily got up from his desk. The office was deserted apart from him, and William was talking to the new Shinigami, Charles, in his office.
Well, to be exact, Charles wasn't exactly new; actually he was quite a famous Shinigami, but he had been recently transferred to William's department. No-one knew the exact reason for why he was moved, but it had become apparent over the last few weeks that Charles was actually a slacker, and he couldn't be bothered to use his skills that had made him so famous in the past.
He picked up the pape
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Heartbreak and War
Rain lashing at the world, carving icy paths down shivering flesh
Intensifying the hatred and madness, tension and fear
Every fibre of his being taut with self-loathing
Muscles trembling like a plucked guitar string
The sky cast in grey despair echoes screams of dying men
The screech of metal against metal recalls a splintering heart
The bloody war rages until one man is left, fighting his side
The only sounds are his laboured breaths
Tired and battle worn but vivid green eyes wide with disgust
Heartbreak stirring in his pupils as blue meets green
Golden hair dulled by rain frames the cerulean orbs
A clear message read in the fearless depths
I will have my freedom
Waves of choking emotions erupt and he grits his teeth in fury
A cry ripped from his throat as he makes his final stand -
The blue eyed angel's weapon ripped from his grasp
A chip in the wood, a splinter in his heart, salt in a wound
Tears and rain mix as the dam of loneliness shatters
The silent observer speaks, his
:iconincendiopuff:IncendioPuff 10 6
Abduction - A Hetalia Fanfic
America struggled against the bonds that held his wrists behind his back, but he knew it was no use; they were bound so tightly that if he made a wrong move they would start bleeding. He tried to cry out but the material stuffed in his mouth made that impossible, so he settled for glaring angrily at his captor, and refused to show his fear.
Russia was bending over America, grinning like it was all a game. He had easily captured America and tied him up; it had been no trouble at all. Of course, he knew America would enjoy it eventually, especially seeing as he had been shooting him those 'looks' when he thought Russia wasn't looking. But he was. And he had seen. And that is why he was now going to play a little game with America, and obviously Russia would have the upper hand.
He traced his finger along America's neck, and he could tell the other nation was holding back a shiver. Russia was beginning to grow annoyed by the lack of reaction from America so he sharply slid his knee betwee
:iconincendiopuff:IncendioPuff 11 15
America was grabbing some instant coffee in England's kitchen when said nation walked through the door. He sighed when he saw him. "Do you usually just take refreshments from other people's homes? The proper way would be for me to offer you some and then serve it to you." He grabbed the kettle and carried on making himself some tea.
"Well, if you wanna do it for me, I'm not complaining! Just thought I'd save you some work, that's all!" Happily, America shoved his coffee towards England and slumped on the squishy sofa in the corner of the room.
England sighed and finished making the coffee and the tea and brought them over to the sofa, along with some scones. However, when he tried to offer them to America he pulled a disgusting face and pushed them away. "Haha, no way! I've had way too many bad experiences with your cooking!"
"Well, there's no need to be rude about it. And get your feet off the sofa, its bad manners."
America muttered 'Couch…' under his breath but took his feet aw
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England stared at the rows upon rows of fine multi-coloured threads that decorated his favourite sewing shop. Buttons and beads winked at him from neatly stacked boxes and a long row of needles glinted, just waiting to be bought. He would have enjoyed picking and choosing what he needed if France wasn't continually pestering him.
"So, Angleterre, why did you not tell me you and Amérique are together, huh?"
"Because we're not, you idiot! How many times must I tell you before it gets through your thick skull?"
France leaned against a stack of beads right next to England, way in his personal space. "Don't lie to me Angleterre, it was pretty obvious you've been together a while. The position you two were in was definitely rehearsed." He winked slyly.
England's face reddened in a mixture of embarrassment and anger and he spoke through gritted teeth. "That was a mistake! The stupid fool pulled me over." He grabbed a couple of needles to replenish his supplies (The Fair Folk kept stealin
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Ciel stood at the window of his office, peering out at the gardens below. From behind him he heard a cough and he turned around to see Sebastian standing at the door with some food.
"Excuse me Master, I have brought your afternoon tea, I hope I didn't interrupt your thoughts."
Sebastian brought in the tray and set it down on Ciel's desk. "Today's afternoon tea consists of…"
Ciel stared at Sebastian, not taking in a word he said but only listening to his rich voice.
Sebastian looked up. "Is there anything wrong my Lord?"
Ciel blinked. "Of course there's nothing wrong you fool! Get out of my sight, I want to be alone!"
Sebastian smirked. "Is that really what you want my Lord?"
Ciel glared at Sebastian in defiance, momentarily lost for words. "I-I want to eat in peace. You are dismissed."
"As you wish, my Lord." Sebastian bowed and left the room. Ciel took one look at the food on the desk and threw it across the room in annoyance. Outside the door, Sebastian chuckled before returning
:iconincendiopuff:IncendioPuff 4 7
Well, the world conference meeting definitely hadn't gone to plan and by the look on Germany's face, England wasn't the only one annoyed about it. England sighed as an overbearing Italy, supported by China and America, had dragged everyone outside in the cold to play 'Caterpillar Rounders'.
As England watched everyone taking sides, he knew it wouldn't be fair, seeing as Russia was playing and he would take any opportunity to cheat, however, Germany was refereeing so hopefully he would prevent this. England stood at the edge of the crowd and tried to be like Canada: unnoticeable. To be honest, he really didn't want to play with any of these idiots.
Suddenly France grabbed his hand. "Ah, Angleterre, come and join our team!' He chuckled his perverted French laugh and dragged England over to where China, America, Japan, Sealand, Poland, Canada and Prussia were standing.
France pushed him to the end of the line and went to stand behind Prussia, who had picked up a bat. England shivered as h
:iconincendiopuff:IncendioPuff 25 32
Ciel couldn't concentrate. He shoved the stack of papers on his desk to the floor in agitation. This new mission from the Queen was to catch a mass murderer in the London area who left absolutely no evidence anywhere and it was hurting his head. Even his trusty demon butler Sebastian didn't know what to do, which was a first.
The door opened as said butler pushed a food trolley into the study and he wheeled it to a stop in front of Ciel.
"Today's afternoon tea consists of-"
Ciel suddenly cut in, holding up a hand for silence.
"Sebastian, I have business at the Trancy Manor straight away so ready a carriage to take us there."
"Of course, master." Sebastian bowed and left the room, leaving the food tray by the desk. As he walked away he smirked and amusement glinted in his eyes. 'Business', he thought, 'of course…'
An hour later Sebastian and Ciel were sitting in the carriage, Ciel's legs were crossed over and he stared outside as the landscape rolled by. He reached up a hand an
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Grell walked angrily along the corridor of the reaper dispatch division towards William T. Spears's office. That damn reaper! He had been given overtime yet again! Well he wasn't going to get away with it this time, even if he lost his job by complaining.
He banged on the door.
"William! Get out here RIGHT NOW!"
He waited a few seconds.
"WILLIAM! I'm not joking!"
Impatience got the better of him and he forced the door open. The room was empty. The curtains blew wildly as the wind rushed through the open window.
"Coward" muttered Grell in annoyance, and he followed William out of the window, lightly dropping to the ground and sprinting across the garden.
William was sitting on a bench at the end of the garden, partially obscured by some rose bushes. A fountain was tinkling somewhere nearby.
He just couldn't take it any longer. He couldn't take this immense pain. His head fell into his hands in despair.
"WILLIAM!" The angry shout was nearby and he could hear the footfalls of Grell's
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CUDDLING by akitokun1 CUDDLING :iconakitokun1:akitokun1 753 28
Happy Holidays Peeps ^-^
Hay everyone that reads this (cause your awesome!). i havent uploaded anything for like forever, so i thought i should at least write to say happy holidays and merry christmas. hope you guys have a lovely time withh your friends and family, eat lots of cake and remember to watch Doctor Who (5.15 BBC 1, just in case :D)
so from the bottom of my heart, merry christmas :glomp:
ps. i decorated the table, so it is completely symmetrical!!! :icondignitylaughplz:
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I've been awarded the Albino Llama Badge!!
THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU everyone who has given me LLama badges here on deviantart!~ :meow:
I have accumulated a total of 50 LLama which means I am now an official Albino Llama.
have a lovely daaaaaay~
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KISSS?? by akitokun1 KISSS?? :iconakitokun1:akitokun1 868 50
Starman Acadamy Chapter 1
The sun was out and shining brightly upon Starman Academy. It was morning assembly and Headmaster Bowie was addressing the 1500 students. '…and that is why Ziggy played guitar.' A teacher leaned over and whispered in his ear. 'I have just been told that that story had NO relevance. Oh. Well then, I would like to remind you all that we have a few new students and four new teachers starting this term. Thank you…Mr. Jagger, have I ever told you that you remind me of the babe? No?'
In the audience sat four girls. Kate and Gee were staring at Headmaster Bowie with looks of adoration as he danced on stage in tights. Katie and Katie were sat next to them, bored out of their minds as they had no idea what the other two saw in him. 'He's just a twat in tights,' whispered Katie. Gee and Kate's heads snapped around and glared at her until she put her hands up in surrender. 'I'm sorry, I just think that if he feels the need to wear trousers that tight, he's obviously insecure about something…' she
:iconaizentheundertaker:AizentheUndertaker 2 11
Graphics Project, CD Cover Design by Toge-Okami Graphics Project, CD Cover Design :icontoge-okami:Toge-Okami 2 0 Sebastian Touchin' on Claude by DeadPOOL-PARTY Sebastian Touchin' on Claude :icondeadpool-party:DeadPOOL-PARTY 250 72 x.Love is Sweet.x by DemonOfTheCakeXx x.Love is Sweet.x :icondemonofthecakexx:DemonOfTheCakeXx 3 4 Sebastian Michaelis - The Look by DeadPOOL-PARTY Sebastian Michaelis - The Look :icondeadpool-party:DeadPOOL-PARTY 136 49 INTERACTIVE GERMANY FLASH GAME! by NamiOki INTERACTIVE GERMANY FLASH GAME! :iconnamioki:NamiOki 4,787 2,744 INTERACTIVE FRANCE FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE FRANCE FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,231 3,826 INTERACTIVE RUSSIA FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE RUSSIA FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 7,565 2,928 INTERACTIVE AMERICA FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE AMERICA FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,945 3,441 INTERACTIVE ENGLAND FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE ENGLAND FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 7,385 2,817
ONE DAY! ONE DAY!!! ONE DAY TILL COMIC CON!!! :iconpervygaaraplz:
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Axis Powers Hetalia - Prussia by NanjoKoji Axis Powers Hetalia - Prussia :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 3,895 321


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Does anyone else find it so much easier to talk over the internet or text or through some other communication channel which doesn't include face to face talking, like Skype, or actually talking to someone, or phone calls? I think I find it a lot harder to express myself when talking face to face to someone because I feel pressure to say something and I can't think about what I want to say and then edit it before saying it so it conveys the right messages. That's why I have quite meaningful conversations with people over text, on these journals or on Facebook, whereas in real life I might only talk to people about trivial things, or not get my words out right. I've also found that recently (when I say recently I mean like over the past year or so) I haven't developed a stutter but more like an inability to articulate myself and I often trip over words or try and say two words at the same time.


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